Visiting The Gardens

We live about a two minute drive from the local Botanic Gardens, and the kids just love heading there for a play, ride on the miniature trains, and to visit the animals in the ‘zoo’. I know, I know… any place that houses animals can be called a zoo; but it is a pretty low key zoo. The cafe there sells bags of food for 60 centrs each. They’re just animal pellets, heaps of people bring their own bread to feed the animals with. There is too much there to include in one post, so expect some more from our numerous visits to The Gardens.

Today I am going to share a couple of photos from one of our recent visits. We go so often that it’s hard to keep up, so these are a couple of weeks old. We were accosted by hungry rude geese, I didn’t get a photo of them because the kids were a little worried at their honking and hissing. Going up early morning or late afternoon is best, especially during the warmer months; the animals are more active and looking to be fed. Well, the goats come over at any time of day. They’re a bit greedy.

This visit was a little bit exciting, when we got around to where the Donkeys are we noticed there was a new addition. A very new addition. The little foal was still wobbly on his legs when he stood up, then let out the cutest bray ever! Mum is also very protective of him, very interested in us while we were standing there. So freaking cute!

As we walked around we saw some other baby animals too. There was a goat kid, and a peachick. Well, I lie. We noticed the peachick on a later visit. The kid was hilarious, following the boys around and trying to butt Phillip.They have definitely made the walk around the zoo a little more exciting.





The Emus were grunting and pecking at us over the fence. I had to stand on my toes to get this, I’m a bit short.


Emu feet make me think of dinosaurs. Definitely wouldn’t be messing with those suckers.


This guy sat up in the tree and watched as we fed the ducks. Very curious cockatoo.



There’s a two seat spinny thing in one of the playgrounds at The Gardens. This is one of my favourite things to try on it.


The kids like to help me with this one.