Story Time

Every week our library holds story time sessions in the children’s section. There is a different theme every week that the books focus around, then after a few books and some songs the kids get to make something that relates to the theme. Last week was dogs. So afterwards at the park I had two little puppies following me around.


 It’s so hard to get a nice photo of Phillip facing the camera, but he was enjoying watching the ducks while he ate his morning tea.

2013-03-20-Phillip_smallCan’t wait to see what theme story time is tomorrow.


Playing Catch Up

Sometimes I feel like I am constantly trying to catch up on everything. It’s not that I’m not organised. When I set my mind to a task I have to set everything out nice and neat before I can actually start. There are probably lots of reasons why I don’t do this with life in general, all of which are excuses and I can change. So here we go again with another promise to myself to blog my photos. And who knows, the wonderful feedback I’ve received about the photos I took at my brothers wedding might help to inflate my very limp ego.

These are all from a little while ago. We have started making an effort to catch up with friends weekly to visit a park and attend story time at the library. I’ll have to ask my friends if it is OK to share photos of their little boys on here too. Even though I’m not sure I’m a people photographer. I’m still trying to work out exactly what my style is.

I have been fiddling around with a few different things during processing after following some tutorials on a blog called Everyday Elements. They are really easy to follow and applied to Photoshop Elements, which is the program I use for processing. They also have a really simple tutorial on how to make a watermark, there were so many different ways and this was the easiest to get my head around. I followed the original tutorial which is linked in the post that link takes you to. so you will see my watermark on a couple of the images; I’m still not really sold on the font or colour, or any of it really. We will see how it goes.






Love and Marriage

On Saturday we had the pleasure of attending my brothers wedding. He married his high school sweetheart and it was a beautiful day. I haven’t finished working through all of the photos I took, but here are a few of what I snapped.

2013-03-16-Wedding-Phillip_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Basket 2013-03-16-Wedding-Madalyn_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Nan&Pop_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Oliver_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Technology_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Matthew_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Parasol_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Flower-small 2013-03-16-Wedding-LollyBuffet_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-LollyBuffet-2_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-DamikaDrawing_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Bouquet_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-CuttingCake_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-BridalTable_small