Dead of Night

With the help of my husband, I tried something a little bit new to me the other night. We had successfully offloaded all three children for the evening and decided we needed to fill the time somehow.

Dead of NightI had read a tutorial, and seen numerous examples, of torch light used to highlight features of a long exposure night scene. I remembered these dead trees in the lake here.

I think I need to improve the focus, a few of the branches are a little soft; so I think I will definitely be trying this again. Any suggestions for my next attempt?



Fly Away

I took this a little while ago after hearing what sounded like a motorbike heading towards our place. I was taking care of some domestic duties when I heard it, I shrugged it off initially but when it became extremely loud as it approached, and started sounding like it was above us, I had to have a look out the window.


Flying scares me, a lot, but for some reason this looks like it would be an amazing experience.


High Tea

A wonderful friend of mine, Regina, asked me if I could take some photos of a ladies night she was planning for Friday night. Regina absolutely loves event planning, and she is wonderful at it. The theme she had decided on was high tea, and I hope I have done her gorgeous decorations justice.

These were all taken with a higher than normal ISO (around 400 for some of them) and fairly wide open as I don’t have a suitable flash at the moment, and I am never happy with the results with the pop-up flash on the camera. I’m disappointed that I was restricted when it came to photographing the guests and none of those photos turned out very well at all.

On that note, I thought I would share some of the photos I took.

2013-04-12-HighTea-Decorations-1_small 2013-04-12-HighTea-Decorations-3_small 2013-04-12-HighTea-Decorations-4_small 2013-04-12-HighTea-TeaCups-2_small

Storytime: Native Animals

Today the theme for storytime was native Australian animals. I left with a koala and a wombat in tow.2013-04-12-Storytime-Reading_small

It was a bit tough to get a photo of the wombat, he is very shy and decided to hide in his burrow when I asked for a photo. I had to crank my ISO up to get a fast enough shutter speed inside the library, and I don’t have many options outside of PSE10 to reduce the noise. Hopefully it isn’t too bad.

2013-04-12-Storytime-Phillip-wombat_small 2013-04-12-Storytime-Oliver-Koala_small

Storytime only runs during the school term, so we will be having two weeks break now. *sad face*. Hopefully school holidays means more family adventure time during the week. Well, family minus dad. Unfortunately the bread doesn’t win itself.

Things I Notice

Not many words today. Just a few photos of some things that have caught my eye.


2013-04-05-Chinese Pavillion Ceiling_smallRoof of the pavilion in the Chinese gardens section of the Botanic Gardens. Sorry it is wonky.

2013-04-05-Leaf Lines_smallLeaf patterns.

2013-04-06-Cricket ImpressionsPretty sure this is the left behind impression of a cricket that shed its ‘skin’.