Storytime: Native Animals

Today the theme for storytime was native Australian animals. I left with a koala and a wombat in tow.2013-04-12-Storytime-Reading_small

It was a bit tough to get a photo of the wombat, he is very shy and decided to hide in his burrow when I asked for a photo. I had to crank my ISO up to get a fast enough shutter speed inside the library, and I don’t have many options outside of PSE10 to reduce the noise. Hopefully it isn’t too bad.

2013-04-12-Storytime-Phillip-wombat_small 2013-04-12-Storytime-Oliver-Koala_small

Storytime only runs during the school term, so we will be having two weeks break now. *sad face*. Hopefully school holidays means more family adventure time during the week. Well, family minus dad. Unfortunately the bread doesn’t win itself.


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