High Tea

A wonderful friend of mine, Regina, asked me if I could take some photos of a ladies night she was planning for Friday night. Regina absolutely loves event planning, and she is wonderful at it. The theme she had decided on was high tea, and I hope I have done her gorgeous decorations justice.

These were all taken with a higher than normal ISO (around 400 for some of them) and fairly wide open as I don’t have a suitable flash at the moment, and I am never happy with the results with the pop-up flash on the camera. I’m disappointed that I was restricted when it came to photographing the guests and none of those photos turned out very well at all.

On that note, I thought I would share some of the photos I took.

2013-04-12-HighTea-Decorations-1_small 2013-04-12-HighTea-Decorations-3_small 2013-04-12-HighTea-Decorations-4_small 2013-04-12-HighTea-TeaCups-2_small


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