A Walk To Remember

On the weekend I was lucky enough to have a break from our three kids and was able to take a bit of a drive with the husband. We had heard about a cider festival being held in a little town nearby and had planned to check it out, Batlow is nestled in the Snowy Mountains and is famous for apples. During the week I was looking at the other sights around that area and found something called the Sugar Pine Walk not far from where we were headed, and after looking at some of the photos around the internet I was dying to visit. So visit we did.

Sugar Pine Walk - State Parks of NSWDon’t let the light in that photo fool you, that was probably the longest period the sun was out while we were up there. Fluffy snow clouds hung low overhead all day which made for a cold walk, but it was definitely worth it.

As we were getting out of the car and I was getting my gear ready, an older couple emerged from the trees. The gentleman had a camera around his neck and commented that it was ‘a little dull in there for photos’, so I was a little bit nervous about how my photos would turn out. I did take a tripod, but wasn’t able to use it because the base plate was still on my mums camera. Duh!

My husband and I wandered up the path, chatting about how cold it was, and this and that; but a couple of metres into the trees we stopped dead and looked around in amazement. I think there were a few exclamations of ‘wow’ while we took in our surroundings. It really is magical.

2013-05-18-Sugar Pine Walk-1_small2013-05-18-Sugar Pine Walk-5_smallIt was so quiet in there that you could hear the trees creaking as they swayed in the breeze. The ground was covered in pine needles, which made the ground as soft as carpet – maybe even softer. There are felled trees lying around with moss growing all over them, pine cones bigger than my husbands feet, and plenty of other wonders if you looked hard enough.2013-05-18-Sugar Pine Walk-4-Mossy stump_small

2013-05-18-Sugar Pine Walk-6-Toadstool-3_small  2013-05-18-Sugar Pine Walk-3-Toadstool-2_small 2013-05-18-Sugar Pine Walk-2-Toadstool-1_smallI wish I had a dedicated macro lens for those little fungi, the first of the three was smaller than a finger nail.

I imagine that the walk would change during the different seasons, we have been told it is especially wonderful after some snow fall, and I will definitely be heading back throughout the year.

2013-05-18-Sugar Pine Walk-7-Autumn Fern_small


4 thoughts on “A Walk To Remember

  1. Oh, isn’t it beautiful! I remember that place so well. Have done many a walk through there, plus a couple of body percussion workshops in those trees. Magical!

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • It is extremely beautiful. I don’t think I ever walked through there either of the times I stayed at Laurel Hill! Didn’t know what I was missing. You are most welcome.

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