Story Time Update

I haven’t posted about story time for a little while. There has been a few little changes around here. Well, maybe not so little. Phillip has started preschool one day a week (is it wrong to get a little bit excited about having one less child for the day?). He started about three weeks ago. At first Oliver wasn’t too happy about leaving Phillip there, but he’s getting used to it. It helps that they have both enjoyed having that time away from each other.

So story time has been just Oliver and I, it has been nice. Less hectic come craft time. I didn’t get many photos the first week. Oliver just wasn’t in the mood, he wouldn’t speak until after lunch; but the second week the theme was foxes, and they made a little fox mask. This week it was apparently National Simultaneous Storytime, the book that was chosen to be read was ‘The Wrong Book’ by Nick Bland. So at the end the craft was making a bobble head Nicholas Ickle, the little boy from the book.

2013-05-15-Story Time-Oliver the Fox_small

2013-05-15-Story Time-Oliver_small 2013-05-22-Oliver-Sleeping in car_small 2013-05-22-Story Time-Oliver-Colouring-1_small 2013-05-22-Story Time-Oliver-Colouring-2_small


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