Furry Friends

Thought it was about time we had a Presley update.

2013-06-09-Presley-01_small 2013-06-09-Presley-Tug'o'War_small 2013-06-09-Presley-Tug'o'War-2_small


7 thoughts on “Furry Friends

      • Yeah, I can be a bit hit and miss with the focus sometimes. I’m pretty proud of these ones though, one handed auto focus, one focal point selected, and just aimed for between his eyes. High ISO, wide aperture – bingo! I’ve been trying for a while. Lol. Thank you again.

  1. Presley is a handsomely hairy looking 4 legged critter!!

    We have ‘Flame’ in my household. She is a sight Dog, for my bestie Justin. SO essentially a Golden Lab. Shes very cheeky and never thought I’d say this about a dog, but she has a ‘quirky’ personality.

    • Thank you, we think he’s pretty gorgeous.

      They all have unique ‘personalities’, some are definitely more cheeky than others. Sight dogs are pretty amazing animals, I bet she is well loved.

      Thanks for checking my blog out, I really appreciate it!

      • She certainly is!! And yes they sure do, don’t they!

        You are more than welcome.. I will come back and have a bit more of a squiz around when I have a moment or 3 later today 🙂

        Miss Lou

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