Home Bodies

It’s been a pretty good winter so far. Given that we’re only a month in there is every chance that I will be eating my words soon. I suppose good is subjective though. I don’t think the ski resorts would be jumping for joy that the cold hasn’t truly set it.

Even though it hasn’t been too cold, so far, we haven’t really been up to much. Mostly hanging around the house, playing with the furry family members, and doing a bit of craft. Which isn’t always as fun as it sounds with an eight, four, and two year old all vying for the supplies. Madalyn has been learning to knit, she can cast on much better than I could at her age; and she is much more patient with it too. I remember plenty of frustrating moments when my mother tried to teach me. And then the kids and I climbed a hill close to home a few days ago. Rocky Hill. I will admit that whenever I say the name of this particular hill I am reminded of this, but I think the name comes from the fact that the hill is covered in giant rocks. it is quite possibly made of those rocks as well, seeing as some were flush with the ground.

2013-06-30-At Home-Madalyn-Poking tongue out_small 2013-06-30-At Home-Oliver_small 2013-06-30-At Home-Phillip_small 2013-06-30-At Home-Presley_small


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