Gallery: Restyled

Earlier today I share a couple of photos of our new kitten, Pepper. I took them a couple of days ago while she was sitting on our window sill in the sunshine. Probably not the best light for photos, but I couldn’t resist.

2013-07-11-At Home-Pepper-002_small

Before applying the ‘Nashville’ edits, where I finished processing last time.

After I posted the blog, I also shared one of the photos on Instagram. I cropped it into the square and added a filter, Nashville, that gave it a little something more. I fell in love with the end result, and decided I had to learn how to try and emulate that look in Photoshop. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have the full suite of Photoshop, I just use Elements 10, so I couldn’t do the last step – which is a curves adjustment. I tried to get the right look at the end, but I’m not sure I quite got there without that last step. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

2013-07-11-At Home-Pepper-004_small

With a different crop and the edits from the tutorial, with a little tweaking at the end for Elements.


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