Gallery: Something New

We have a new member to our extended furry family. She’s been here almost three weeks now, and Sienna is not impressed. Being a 13 year old cat who used to spend a lot of time outside makes one grumpy. Apparently.

2013-05-31-Sienna_small 2013-05-31-Sienna-2_smallThe correct way to introduce a new cat to an existing cat includes isolating the new cat in their own little area until existing cat is used to the new scent; usually when they stop reacting negatively to it as they pass the door, or after you’ve been in to play with the new cat. The idea is to gradually introduce them, reducing the initial impact of the newcomer and allowing them to suss each other out without coming to blows. They say it usually takes around two weeks, but it’s taking Sienna a little longer.

We had considered adopting an older kitten from a local rescue organisation, but I’m not sure Sienna would have accepted a more mature cat at all; especially considering how unhappy she has been about a kitten joining the ranks. We have kept them apart as much as we possibly can in our little house, which is hard with no spare bedrooms and five people needing access to the bathroom, but Sienna is still not happy. She doesn’t hiss just at the smell anymore, but she still isn’t happy if she spies the little cat.

Alright, enough of calling her little cat. The kids named her Pepper.

2013-07-11-At Home-Pepper-001_small 2013-07-11-At Home-Pepper-002_smallI had to take Pepper to the vet on Monday because Pepper’s eye looked a little sore, he found an injury on the outside of her cornea that probably came from Sienna swiping at her through the door. The only upside is that Sienna was a little more interested in Pepper on return from the vet. So we are hoping it won’t take too much longer for Sienna to settle into the idea of having a little sister, she has certainly been entertaining her playful side more often since the new addition.


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