Slow and Steady

2013-12-05-Macro-Snail-001_small 2013-12-05-Macro-Snail-002_small 2013-12-05-Macro-Snail-003_small 2013-12-05-Macro-Snail-003-bw-001_small 2013-12-05-Macro-Snail-003-bw-002_small


For my 30th birthday last year, I was lucky enough to be given a 100mm Macro lens from my family. I never thought I’d fall for an inanimate object, but well… I may just love this lens. It is fantastic. I had been pining after a lens for macro photography for quite some time, so it was almost a dream come true. I am still refining my skills, and a flash would be a handy addition to the kit, but I am certainly enjoying getting up close and personal with some of natures smallest.

You can imagine my excitement after some rain when this little fellow appeared in our garden. I sat and watched him (or her) for a while, with my sons watching on eagerly as it emerged from the shell. Of course, it didn’t stay out for long with two noisy boys hanging around, but I kind of like the peering out from under the shell look we got.

The last three are all the same photo, just processed different ways. I couldn’t decide which I liked most, so I’m sharing them all.


Let Your Colours Burst

2014-01-01-New Years Eve-Fireworks-001_small 2014-01-01-New Years Eve-Fireworks-002_small 2014-01-01-New Years Eve-Fireworks-003_small 2014-01-01-New Years Eve-Fireworks-004_smallWell, with New Year’s Eve approaching and the first fireworks show to celebrate the event in our little city for a long, long while, I thought I would try something I hadn’t before: long exposure fireworks photography.

I had read a few things about the settings and such, so set everything up to what I thought and adjusted as the spectacle went on. Some of the results aren’t fantastic, but for the most part I think I did pretty OK.

These are just a few to begin with, there are a couple more I haven’t processed because I have been feeling wretched for the last couple of days.