I Do

Well, they did. I was just there taking photos, pretending to know what I was doing. It was all a bit stressful, and I didn’t come away with as many photos as I would have liked; but I did come away with some I was pleased with. I’ve included my favourites in a small gallery.

I was doing a favour for a friend and was especially nervous because I didn’t know anyone else at the wedding, hadn’t met the bride and groom (rookie mistake), and ended up arriving too late to be able to settle into shooting due to circumstances well beyond control. Even though I was disappointed with myself for letting stress and anxiety overwhelm me, I am happy that I was able to give them some nice photos of their day. The friend who enlisted my help made a scrapbook with the photos for her sister – the lovely bride – and from all accounts she was extremely happy. So smiles all round.


Love and Marriage

On Saturday we had the pleasure of attending my brothers wedding. He married his high school sweetheart and it was a beautiful day. I haven’t finished working through all of the photos I took, but here are a few of what I snapped.

2013-03-16-Wedding-Phillip_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Basket 2013-03-16-Wedding-Madalyn_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Nan&Pop_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Oliver_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Technology_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Matthew_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Parasol_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Flower-small 2013-03-16-Wedding-LollyBuffet_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-LollyBuffet-2_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-DamikaDrawing_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-Bouquet_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-CuttingCake_small 2013-03-16-Wedding-BridalTable_small