Slow and Steady

2013-12-05-Macro-Snail-001_small 2013-12-05-Macro-Snail-002_small 2013-12-05-Macro-Snail-003_small 2013-12-05-Macro-Snail-003-bw-001_small 2013-12-05-Macro-Snail-003-bw-002_small


For my 30th birthday last year, I was lucky enough to be given a 100mm Macro lens from my family. I never thought I’d fall for an inanimate object, but well… I may just love this lens. It is fantastic. I had been pining after a lens for macro photography for quite some time, so it was almost a dream come true. I am still refining my skills, and a flash would be a handy addition to the kit, but I am certainly enjoying getting up close and personal with some of natures smallest.

You can imagine my excitement after some rain when this little fellow appeared in our garden. I sat and watched him (or her) for a while, with my sons watching on eagerly as it emerged from the shell. Of course, it didn’t stay out for long with two noisy boys hanging around, but I kind of like the peering out from under the shell look we got.

The last three are all the same photo, just processed different ways. I couldn’t decide which I liked most, so I’m sharing them all.


Fluff and Feathers

I’ve previously shared with you some photos from our regular visits to the Botanic Gardens, but I have so many photos of the animals there that have just been sitting, waiting to be shared. So I thought it would be a nice way to brighten a dreary day, at least it’s dreary where I am.

I always see people calling them Botanical Gardens, though I’m 100% sure the sign to ours says botanic and not botanical, and have often wondered which was correct usage, and couldn’t start this post until I knew (stupid brain); so I turned to trusty Google to find out. It didn’t really help. The Wikipedia entry is for Botanical Gardens, but most of the following results (on the first page at least) were for particular Botanic Gardens around the country. Except for Tasmania, theirs is a Botanical Garden. So obviously it doesn’t really matter which you choose to use.

2013-05-25-Botanic Gardens-Donkey_small 2013-05-23-Botanic Gardens-Goose_small2013-04-13-Pigs-2_small 2013-04-13-Pigs_smallAll the animals up there have their own interesting personalities, and most of them love seeing people come through. Especially when we visited after some recent rain and cooler weather. The geese are so obnoxious, honking and hissing as they follow you begging for some food. They actually scare the kids a little because they’re so pushy and noisy. For some reason donkeys always sound like they’re sad, but always look like they’re smiling about something. The emus are scary as all get out, and I think they know they freak me out. One started leaning over the fence during our last visit, they can extend those necks a fairly long way; although they do make some amazing throaty sounds – almost like a didgeridoo.

Who knew pigs grew so fast? Well, I did, but some people may not. It was only about two months ago that the two photos of all three pigs were taken, and now they’re massive. I’m not sure what happens to the pigs when they get too big for the pen in the farm area, one was quite possibly the roast we had the other night. They would be perfect for crackling; I doubt they get much exercise to build muscle and make them all tough and gamey.

2013-05-25-Botanic Gardens-Pig_small 2013-05-25-Botanic Gardens-Alpaca_small 2013-05-23-Botanic Gardens-Donkey_small 2013-05-23-Botanic Gardens-Peacocks_small2013-04-16-Botanic Gardens-Emu_smallAlright, I had better save some for another time. I do enjoy taking the kids up there, but I’m not really sure how often we will visit over the colder months. I turn into a bit of a hermit over winter. Do you have any Winter activity suggestions?



It has been a while between posts. I have been slack with both camera and blog, so I’m going to start trying to post a photo a week. I’d love to aim for one a day, but it’s just not realistic. So here is the first photo. A bulb shot of my kids playing with sparklers on New Years Eve.