It has been a long, hot summer here in our little city so it was a wonderful relief when Mother Nature ushered in autumn with a few days worth of rain and some moderate temperatures. Sure, my washing piled up faster than kids pouncing on a bowl of lollies, but it was certainly a wonderful change.

Life has been a bit strange recently. Plenty of extra curricular activities, children attending some form of education for most of the week, and I’ve been taking photos for other people. Mostly as favours for friends. In the next few days (if I’m organised) I’ll share some of those efforts on here.

It amazes me how the droplets seem to defy gravity. And honestly, who doesn’t love the smell of rain?








I was lucky enough to be given a neutral density x400 filter for Christmas, so today we took a little trip to try it out on some cascades at Adelong Falls. There is usually a better waterfall, but the water wasn’t really flowing today. We went in the middle of the day too, so I am planning on returning later in the year – and at a different time – to try again. I didn’t take many photos, it was hard to find a good spot with the water so low, but these are two of my favourites.